Monday, December 10, 2007


This photo of Balemong Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Gambang Semarang is a traditional art in Semarang. This art consists of music, vocal, dance, and comedy. (UKM KJ UNDIP)

This program is for freshman creative writing—a workshop on the forms of creative writing as practiced by the students themselves. The forms of creative writing in this program are poetic writing, narrative writing, playwriting, and scriptwriting. In the first half semester the students will be introduced to poetic writing and narrative writing to write short model poems and short model stories; and in the second half semester, they will be introduced to playwriting and scriptwriting to write short model plays and short model scripts.
The creative writing methods used in this program are creative imitation, creative adaptation, and creative composition. Creative imitation is applied in the first level to write based on writing models. Creative adaptation is applied in the second level to write based on other writing sources. Creative composition is applied in the third level to write based on inspiration, imagination, and intuition.
It is easy to learn theory of writing but difficult to learn creativity. It is hard to learn creative writing without practicing. The only way to learn to write is to write. It means that learning by doing is an appropriate method in creative writing. The only way to be creative is to create. It means that creativity implies in creation. To be creative or not to be, let’s write, write, and write.
Siswo Harsono